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23February 2022

Oncology, Surgery and Endoscopy Services Now Available at Fishermen’s Community Hospital

Cancer patients in the Florida Keys who need chemotherapy or other treatments can now access a range of oncology services from one of Florida’s leading cancer centers without having to travel far from home, according to Jean Santaguida, APRN, a nurse practitioner with Miami Cancer Institute at Fishermen’s Community Hospital, part of Baptist Health South Florida.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer exceptional and convenient cancer care to the residents of the Middle and Lower Keys,” Ms. Santaguida says, noting that Miami Cancer Institute has been recognized as one of the best healthcare facilities in the nation for cancer care based on U.S. News & World Report rankings. The high performing oncology program puts Miami Cancer Institute in the top 10% of leading cancer centers in the nation. 

According to Ms. Santaguida, Fishermen’s Community Hospital now has an outpatient oncology suite with three private rooms where patients can receive chemotherapy, Immunotherapies, targeted therapies, transfusions and hydration services.

Patients also have access to the extensive clinical resources and unique support services offered at Miami Cancer Institute’s main campus in Miami. “If needed, we can provide expedited referrals to our providers there, either in-person or virtually through a telehealth platform such as Baptist Health Care On Demand,” she says.